Regardless of size, condition, age, or situation, Turn Key Real Estate Services will buy your house fast & full price!
No more need to go through the lengthy realtor process, you can sell your Miami home in a few short days.

How Do I sell My House For Cash?

Want to sell your house? Would you like to do it quickly with little or no hassle? Do you want to avoid paying a middleman and those costs that often come out of an offer to buy your house? We are looking for houses to purchase. No matter what the condition of your house is in, no matter the reason for the sale, and regardless of your time frame, we can work with you.

Whether your house is damaged, is part of an estate that you have inherited, or if there are liens, violations or citations against the property, we can buy your house. Even if a foreclosure action is pending, we can work with you to purchase your house for cash.

Would your life and financial situation improve with selling your house? Would selling your house in a short amount of time without dealing with middlemen be important to you? Would you be happy to avoid mounting financial costs in prepping your house for sale?

How do we do this? We are the direct purchasers of your property. We start the process by talking with you about the house itself. How big is it? Where is it located? What condition is the house in? Has your lender started foreclosure proceedings? Is there more than one owner of the property? One quick phone call can provide us with enough information to make you a verbal offer immediately. We will then follow up and provide you with a firm written offer within a reasonable amount of time.

Next, we will work with you on scheduling a closing date that meets your needs. We are the direct buyers of your property. This means there will be no parade of potential purchasers through your home. There will be no “Open Houses” that take a considerable amount of time, energy and money. Even better, there are no inspection costs, clean-up or repair costs or closing costs to be paid. We can arrange a close within seven to 10 days. We also have the flexibility to close on your schedule.

What if you’re in foreclosure or facing a short sale? We have a staff of attorneys and realtors who are able to help you in this process. In addition to performing the usual title and lien searches, our staff will work with the holder of your mortgage to work through the details of a foreclosure or short sale. We have staff members who will be able to work with you and your financial institutions to keep you in your house as long as it takes to complete the process.

While we are happy to give you a quote and estimate for selling a house for you, you are under no obligation to sell us your house. We all know that selling a house can be a long and expensive proposition. It can even be more difficult if the house is damaged beyond what is considered normal wear and tear and requires either major repair work or cosmetic work, if the house is inherited and there are issues in the estate to be resolved, if there are liens or violations pending on the house or if a foreclosure action is on the horizon.

We’ve made selling your house for cash simple. Working with us will eliminate the middleman; our experienced staff will help you close a sale quickly and easily. Call us for a consultation and estimate of the value of your home or property. Even if there are challenges such as poor condition, disrepair, or foreclosure, we can help you sell your property quickly and for cash.