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How to sell an ugly home

If you take a good hard look at your neighbourhood and notice your house stands out in all the wrong ways, you might start to think it’s going to be impossible to sell your home. No need to worry, Turn Key Real Estate Services is here to ease your mind on how you can make your house the one everyone has their eye on.

One of the ways to make your house more appealing to home buyers is to make improvements that will match the housing market. As a seller, you need to keep in mind that at some point your house was good enough for you to buy. Therefore, you need to make some minor changes to your home to become more appealing.

Asses the price of your repairs

Determining the price of repairs can feel overwhelming and too much at times. So, start by making a list of everything that needs to be repaired or cleaned, inside and outside the house. When you’re making this list don’t include a new coat of paint but take a look to see if you need to make any repairs to the actual structure of your home.

However, we are aware that not everyone has money to repair their house. In that case, you don’t need money for you to turn your home into something beautiful.


Sometimes all you need to do is be upfront and honest about the condition of your home. Don’t hide your houses flaws; instead, let your potential buyers know about the problems up front. You may be surprised how far this can go into the home buying experience. Especially, since nobody enjoys being scammed and they will appreciate that you were honest with them from the beginning. This also results in less stress for you because you don’t have to worry about hiding anything on the seller disclosure form.

Focus on your strengths

From the time you post your house out there, whether it’s in a listing or online, make sure you’re highlighting your homes best features. If you have noticed, even the ugliest houses have at least one characteristic about them that stands out and draws interest from people. At this point,anything that can be used as a good selling point be sure to take advantage of it; then work on the other parts of your house to make the highlights stand out even more.


To help your house stand out, make sure it’s clean from top to bottom. When people come to view your home and notice how clean it is, it will mask some of the other flaws and make a great impression. While you’re cleaning, make a valiant effort to get rid of odors, shampoo your carpets, wash the windows, and straighten up any clutter. Having a spotless house makes it so much more attractive.

If you incorporate these tips when you decide to sell your “ugly home” you will turn your ugly duckling into a beautiful swan that everyone will want to buy in no time.