Damaged house

Regardless of size, condition, age, or situation, Turn Key Real Estate Services will buy your house fast & full price!
No more need to go through the lengthy realtor process, you can sell your Miami home in a few short days.


Almost every home we purchase needs some kind of repair before it can go back on the market. However, when it comes to selling to Turn Key, you don’t have to worry about fixing it up before the sale. Realtors may have a difficult time selling your home if there are obvious problems or fixes needed, in fact some potential buyers may try to negotiate a repair as part of the sale. Not with us. Whether it’s a small and negligible problem, or a major repair needed, we can handle it for you..

We have a team of contractors ready to fix any of our purchased houses according to any code restrictions that may be mandated. Even if the home is in great condition, we typically have our teams go through the property anyway, which gives us the flexibility to pay more for your home.

Since we buy houses using our own funds, we don’t need bank loans. What does this mean for you? Banks typically will not offer financing for properties that need a significant amount of work, so you ultimately get your money outright.

Trying to get a house repaired yourself can cause a multitude of unexpected problems. You may not complete the job on time for the sale, or it may not get done properly. You may have permits needed to or someone gets hurt on your property during the job. There are so many things that can go wrong, so why try and mess with that yourself? If your house is in need of repairs, and you just want it off your plate, let us be the team that buys your house. We’ll handle all the heavy lifting.