Inherited Home

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When a loved one passes, it’s a trying time. The last thing you need is to deal with probate attorneys and the entire process, which adds a significant level of stress. What exactly is the probate process? Long story short, it’s the settling of an estate after someone has passed, which can involve selling or liquidating the property. A lot of times when people inherit homes from their loved ones, they just want to sell it off, whether because they don’t know what to do with it, or don’t want the emotional burden.



As home buyers, we have purchased hundreds of properties in exactly these conditions, and use our own personal probate attorneys to handle the probates process. It’s even possible that we can buy the property from you before the probate process has finished.

While you don’t have to worry about the terminology, there may be some questions that you have. See the following questions we get asked often:


Can Estate assets be sold prior to Probate?

In Formal Administration, it’s possible to have this handled so long as the judge signs an order authorizing it. However, this process can take three to six weeks depending, and most attorneys will not do it unless requested. Whereas in Summary Administration, there is no option to sell assets prior, and the process can take potentially longer than two months.

Can an attorney speed up Summary Administration?

It is possible with an ex-parte hearing, or in person, which is typically not done. Most attorneys file paperwork electronically or by mail, where the files sit for a long time with clerks. If delivered in person, they bypass a lot of those wait periods and are transferred right then and there.

How does a Will get used in Probate?

In Summary Administration, there is no change in the process, as the judge must still sign the order. However with a Formal Administration, if there is a Will, they can sell immediately without a court order.