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You’ve got a home you need to get rid of, but you don’t know how. Did you go through a realtor? Did you try and sell it yourself? Selling your house fast in Pompano Beach is all about knowing your options, and there are pros and cons to each.

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Going through an agent may result in a bigger payday for you, but it could take weeks, months even before you see the result of that. During this time there are people trudging through your home to look at the property. On top of all of that, there’s always the cut the realtor takes. It’s not fun going this route, but what other choices do you have? There’s always us.

The Turn Key Solution

No wait. No hassle. And as much money as you’re looking for. At Turnkey, you have a buyer that is not only ready but wants to buy your home now, so there’s no need for the six months of waiting before your home goes off the market.

Whatever the situation is, there’s no need for your life to be more complicated because you’re trying to get rid of your house. We take the stress out of the selling process, and get you where you need to be.

In as little as a week, we can take your home from offer to close, and if you need a longer close time we can accommodate that.

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Let’s get those maintenance costs, those utility costs, and anything else you might see off your plate as quickly as possible.

No matter what condition your home is in, we will make an offer and buy it. We know that it’s hard to maintain a home, especially when money is tight, or when you inherit a home that wasn’t taken care of. You would be responsible to fix it up a bit before selling through a realtor, but we don’t care what the condition is.

More About Pompano Beach, FL

This coastal city in Broward County Florida is among the top real estate markets in the nation as well as is recognized for its attractive beachfront properties as well as historic downtown location. Wall surface Street Journal cited Pompano Beach as one of the nation’s top villa markets, which improved its already growing property market. The name “Pompano” originates from the Florida Pompano, a fish discovered along in the location as well as along the Atlantic Coastline.
There have been a fair amount of inhabitants in the area as much back as the late 1800s, yet the very first documented locals did not come until 1896, as part of a train task in the location.
If you discover yourself in the Pompano Beach, FL location, there are a lot of beautiful sights to see! Make certain you take a look at the Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park, which uses late evening gambling enterprise slots and also horseback racing. If that isn’t fairly your style, you can always look into the Pompano Citi Centre, a large outdoors shopping complex with a range of shops for all sorts of items. If you are into golf, visit Sunrise.

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Closing costs are a thing of the past because we commit to making the selling process as easy for you, and can give you an attorney that will represent you and pay your closing costs. We can pay cash, so there’s fewer opportunities of deals falling through. Sell as fast or as slow as you need, we’re here for you.