Condition and types of homes

Regardless of size, condition, age, or situation, Turn Key Real Estate Services will buy your house fast & full price!
No more need to go through the lengthy realtor process, you can sell your Miami home in a few short days.


We get a fair amount of call for people looking to get rid of their houses quickly without having to deal with realtors, having their houses listed multiple times without being sold, and generally just not knowing what’s going to happen and when. However, beyond these people looking to sell their houses quickly, we get a lot of clients who contact us when their house fits any of the following:

Selling Damaged homes


More often than not, whether a quick turn around or not, most of the properties we buy are in need of some repairs. They may need very little help, but they could also need a significant amount of fixing up. We’ve even gone so far as to completely tear down a home and rebuild it from the ground up. If you’ve got a home in disrepair, and don’t want to fuss with either the money or time of doing it yourself, we are here for you.

Selling inherited home


Not every property that comes to us is something the owners have lived in or rented for a while. In fact, we often get calls for homes that have been inherited, whether by a parent passing, or some other reason. When you’ve got a home that you don’t know what to do with, or it needs to go through Probate, we have you covered. We have Probate Attorneys that work directly with us to file faster, properly, and for the lowest price. We can not only buy your house fast, but you can get more out of it.

liens or violated homes


Home buyers and other inexperienced investors are dreadfully afraid of liens or violations, which are more common than one might think. Whether it’s a code violation, an open or expired permit, city fines, water liens, violations for an unsafe structure, demolition orders, or any other title problem, there are always potential problems with your intended sale. Believe it or not, we have a great level of expertise in dealing with these cases, and as a result, you don’t need to be afraid of what may happen. No matter the violation or fine size, we can purchase your home.

In any of these cases and more, we even buy homes that are still tenant occupied. Just because you’re looking to sell, doesn’t mean you don’t live there. We don’t disturb you or the occupants during the process, and will work with you on the necessary time to finish the sale.